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Join Student Stress Buster now and get a 30 day free trial. After 30 days Student Stress Buster costs about 83p per day of membership, billed monthly.

Student Stress Buster is a collection of Self Help Cognitive Behavioural Therapy programs that provide clinical level treatment solutions to panic, anxiety, depression and stress. 

In the changed world we now find ourselves in it is proving harder and harder to tolerate the old ways of treating mental health problems. The ones where:

  • You have to wait for months on a waiting list, just for the assessment. 
  • You have to visit a therapist in person every week, not so easy when you are not in residence.
  • The therapist is the expert and hands out treatment which you consume.
  • You remain in the dark about the processes that created your problems in the first place so hampering your own healing processes

Student Stress Buster was created to put a different experience in your hands. To provide you with a different way of managing your mental health, one where you are front and centre of your well being. For most people there is no natural barrier to a happy, fruitful and interesting life journey. Student Stress Buster just makes it easier for you to have that. 

You are a natural problem, indeed you solve problems all of the time. Problems like panic, anxiety, depression and stress are slightly more complex problems. And you have never been taught how to solve them. Student Stress Buster will show you how to solve these problems without the need of a therapist or a counsellor. Your journey to well being is completely within your control. You can work on it as fast or as slowly as you need to. Furthermore, as you learn to solve these problems yourself, by using the tools provided, you will gain the resilience that protects you from these problems returning. 



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